Generator Hire

genTravel Trailers  do NOT have generators like Class A,B,C RV’s have.

While you may last a day or more if you are frugal on the ‘House Battery’, you will need a generator to charge the house battery, or to supply 120 volts to use the air conditioner or microwave.

Generator Hire available for $50 per day plus fuel.

At 50% load uses approx 3.5 gallons in 9 hours. (Actual TRVR RV test confirmed 8 hours runtime on one tank with RV using AC 7 of 8 hours.)

Allow 2 – 2.5 hours runtime with AC for ‘hot’ summer days per gallon of gasoline for your trip.

You are responsible for service checks (oil level) during rental. Check oil level at each refuel time. Container of oil supplied.

! NOTE ! Generators of lesser size are not up to Travel Trailers electrical rating.
We use 4700 surge – 3600 running watt generators. (120 volts x 30 amps = 3600  watts)

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